Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Victory Over Red Wings Wasted?

Hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season like I am. The Preds gave us a great Christmas present with a victory over the Red Wings on 12/26, but the 2 games since have left a fruit-cake-like bad taste in your mouth. If only we had receipts, maybe we could return the last 2 game results. Oh well, here are my 3 stars of thoughts since my last post.

1. Preds Offense is Offensive- please Mr. Poile, get us some offensive help! Did you know that 2 of the top 5 scorers on the team are defensemen? Take away the Red Wings victory and Preds have been outscored 13-3 in their last 3 losses.

2. Erat Has an Itch- ..... and he needs to be scratched. How about some time on the bench to motivate Erat into doing something to fire up the team and be a leader? Giving up the puck to create on 2-on-none break for Colorado was bad, skating back at half speed to pretend trying to help was even worse. I first thought we can't afford to leave his offense out of the lineup, but if it is non-existent....

3. Back, back, back- how about a little prayer tonight before bed for Steve Sullivan's improving back. It is becoming more apparent that the team's playoff hopes, besides Steve's body weight, are not the only thing weighing on it. Unless Alexander Radulov comes walking back in the locker room( and I don't advise holding your breath or betting that in Vegas) or a major trade happens(don't forget my Dan Ellis suggested trade), Steve seems to be the only slim hope we have.

All for now, Happy New Year everyone. Please feel free to post a comment and sign up for my blog.

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