Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preds Hang On Vs. St. Louis, win 4-3

Preds get a much needed win in St. Louis last night to stop a 3 game losing streak. Inside that losing streak was 2 losses to the Chicago Blackhawks. Had the Preds won those 2 games they would have been near the top of the western conference standings, but Chicago showed why they are tops in the western conference with 2 strong performances in defeating the Preds. Preds are in Columbus on New Year's Eve and then home for 4 straight before another western Canada 3 game trip. You can sense the importance of every game as the Preds try to hang onto 5th place in the conference playoff standings.

Other quick notes:
* Injuries are starting to be a concern after a good run of not too many significant injuries at once. Now Martin Erat and Kevin Klein were both hurt in last nights game. They join Tootoo and Smithson. When you are talking 4 of your top 20 players injured, that is a tough mountain to climb. Let's hope Erat and Klein are not out long.
* Missing in Action- Steve Sullivan and Jason Arnott. Two-thirds of the top line have disappeared as of late regarding offensive production. They have to get going.
* Patrick Hornqvist!!!!!!! You know my posting history. Didn't understand why he had dropped to the 4th line. You could argue he is MVP to this point in the season for the Preds. Glad to see him getting the ice team because he produces and provides traffic.

All for now. Happy New Year everyone. Let's go Preds.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preds on a Roll, face Vancouver tonight

Preds roll into Vancouver with 2 wins in 2 games so far on the 3 game road trip. Preds are 6-0-1 over their last 7 and holding onto 4th place in the western conference standings. The word HOT is a good description of the team lately as we are 5 games from the halfway point of the season. With 4 of next 5 games on the road and 2 of those matchups with the western conference leader Chicago Blackhawks, the Preds have their work cut out for them and no let up in sight as far as the schedule goes heading into the new year.

Other thoughts as the way I see it:

* The law of averages say the Preds are due for a slight cool off with the winning, but if they were to beat Chicago twice and get points in 2 of the 3 other contests, the Preds could be in first place in the western conference heading into 2010.
* I told you so #1- You can go back and look at the posts where I told you Patrick Hornqvist did not belong on the 4th line based on his production. Last week he exploded for 4 goals and 3 assists leading to being named the NHL 3rd star for the week. He belongs on one of our top 2 lines.
* I told you so #2- Before the season I said if the Preds are to have a good season and finish in the top half of the conference it is Legwand/Erat who need to lead the way and get close to 30 goals each. Erat has now scored 12 goals after a terrible start and is on pace for 30 goals. Legwand has chipped in 8 goals but is playing the best 2 way hockey of his career. If they keep this up the Preds will be in good shape.

Get a quick nap in this evening for the 9:30 start tonight at Vancouver.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Game vs. Red Wings tonight

I'm Back- Laptop repaired and ready to give you the best Preds insight on the web. Preds 6-3-1 across the last 10 games and currently in 7th place in the western conference standings. If you take into consideration the Red Wings are in 9th place, 3 points behind the Preds, a win tonight by the Preds would give them a 5 point cushion on being out of the playoffs.

Other thoughts as Preds are just 10 games away from the halfway point of the season:

* Martin Erat has awakened! 5 goals across his last 3 games. As I blogged before the season, the Preds are a solid team when Erat/Legwand score and play well. When they don't the Preds struggle. Erat is now 3rd on team in points overcoming a terrible start to the season.
* Steve Sullivan has suddenly hit the skids and only has 6 goals thru 31 games. The Preds need him to score to keep their momentum going. Kudos to Sullivan for playing in every game when you consider the back injuries he has overcome.
* I have been blogging this for a while but why is Patrick Hornqvist still burried on the 4th line? Guess who still leads the team in shots on goal(93) and game winning goals(3). He produced when given the opportunity but somehow has dropped to the 4th line. He needs more ice time because he will go to the net.

All for now.