Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Game vs. Red Wings tonight

I'm Back- Laptop repaired and ready to give you the best Preds insight on the web. Preds 6-3-1 across the last 10 games and currently in 7th place in the western conference standings. If you take into consideration the Red Wings are in 9th place, 3 points behind the Preds, a win tonight by the Preds would give them a 5 point cushion on being out of the playoffs.

Other thoughts as Preds are just 10 games away from the halfway point of the season:

* Martin Erat has awakened! 5 goals across his last 3 games. As I blogged before the season, the Preds are a solid team when Erat/Legwand score and play well. When they don't the Preds struggle. Erat is now 3rd on team in points overcoming a terrible start to the season.
* Steve Sullivan has suddenly hit the skids and only has 6 goals thru 31 games. The Preds need him to score to keep their momentum going. Kudos to Sullivan for playing in every game when you consider the back injuries he has overcome.
* I have been blogging this for a while but why is Patrick Hornqvist still burried on the 4th line? Guess who still leads the team in shots on goal(93) and game winning goals(3). He produced when given the opportunity but somehow has dropped to the 4th line. He needs more ice time because he will go to the net.

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