Friday, January 30, 2009

Tough Loss to a Solid Calgary Flames Team

I thought at times tonight the Flames really dominated the game, handcuffing the Predators in the neutral zone not allowing them to get any offense going. The penalty box parade reared its ugly head again. Several undisciplined penalties and when the Preds really needed goals in the 3rd period they were down a man killing penalties. Other news of note:

* The Super Duper Top Line- my strategy proves right again with a goal by J.P. Dumont but that was about it. But that is what I think it produces, 1-2 goals per game.
* Tip your hat to Miikka Kiprusoff- he stoned the legitimate chances the Preds had to get back in the game
* One of the tougher games we have seen Shea Weber play- had some good chances to score but also had a terrible pass/turnover that led to Calgary's 2nd goal
* Pekka Rinne- continues very good play with some incredible saves to keep Preds in it. I thought 2 of the Flames' goals were not his fault. One was a 2 on 1 after a Preds bad pass and the other was a shot Aucoin almost fanned on but managed to shot a change up past Rinne.
* I thought Jones/Legwand/Erat line had a good night but couldn't get a goal. Very active, good chances most of the night. They had some of the only good shifts thru the middle part of the game when Calgary dominated the middle of the ice.
* Still have some concern over Sullivan. Still not sticking his nose into the action but maybe that will take a little longer before complete confidence in the back returns.

Off to Edmonton. A win on Sunday would be a great 4 point trip to start the 2nd half.

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