Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trade Deadline Passes Quietly

Part of me is disappointed my trade involving Dan Ellis I had envisioned since December did not happen. I still think a trade for more offensive help was needed, but we don't have the luxury to know the asking price and if other teams were trying to make us sacrifice way too much. The way the team is playing since the all star break, you have to wonder if a trade can mess up a good thing. I think this squad can get us in the playoffs on its own if it continues playing like it is now, but their limit is probably 2nd round of playoffs if they even make it. More offensive help via trade would make the playoffs and a deep run a better chance of happening.

We have to, as fans, trust David Poile. He is one of the top front office guys in the NHL. We may not agree with everything he does, but his track record with a small market team and budget is pretty darn good all things considered. He has pulled the big move(Forsberg, Witt) and made the subtle moves to strengthen the team when he can. In David Poile I trust.

Check out the Preds prospect article in the news section of the blog, taken from the Preds official website. We are the only team with 4 prospects in the top 50. I think this will make Ellis, Koistenen and other veterans available and traded when their value is better. The trade deadline brings vultures out looking for steals and David Poile probably had to pass because the asking price was too high for what he wanted or value for our guys too low.

I know this for sure, I will be there tonight to root for a win against the Blue Jackets. Let's go Preds.

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