Monday, February 7, 2011

Preds Sandwich 2 Detroit Wins Around a Loss to Edmonton

Do you get excited about the 2 thumpings we gave the Red Wings or look at the loss to Edmonton and ask yourself how in the world that happened? I choose the Red Wing victories!!! It is exciting for me to see that we are as even with the Red Wings as a team than at any point in our franchise history. We took the attack to them. Detroit didn't spend huge amounts of time in our zone whipping passes around us like rec-leaguers. I am excited about this time, especially when all are healthy.

Other Notes:
Welcome back Steve Sullivan- he will need time to get back into "game" shape, so let's hope he gets back quickly and starts contributing. Especially on the power play where the Preds struggle.

Tootoo close- he has been cleared to practice with the team, so his return is getting closer.

Lombardi progress- although it is a very small step, Matthew is now getting light conditioning work going. Still a long way to go but good, small, first step to returning.

Boom-Boom. Blake Geoffrion is lighting up Milwaukee and the AHL. The first back to back player of the week award given in a long time. I doubt he gets a shot this year as long as Preds are playing well, but you never know.

Cody Franson- seems like every time out he gets better and better. I love that he eats up and cross-ice pass coming out of the opponents zone. He is starting to use his size to his advantage as well, putting unsuspecting forwards into the boards and on their back if they are not careful.


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