Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preds Blow 2 Leads, Lose to Bruins 3-2

Not having seen the last 4 games due to vacation, I can't compare this game to previous efforts to see if improvement is being made. The Preds TV crew seems to like the effort better than against the Capitals Saturday night, but the Preds got a point out of that game. No time to rest or dwell since it off to Ottawa for a game Wednesday night. My thoughts on the game:

* No Power Play- another 3 power play opportunities with no goals. Scored on first power play of the year and hasn't scored since. That is 1 for 27. YIKES!!!!

* Franson and Sulzer looked over matched on defense as a pairing at times, especially in the 2nd period. I think it best for coach Trotz to play them paired with a veteran separately as needed.

* Better game for David Legwand. Amazing what driving/challenging the net can do. His charge down the middle of the ice towards the Boston goal led to Smithson's 1st period goal. Had a blocked shot by going to the ice in the first period to show his teammates he was ready to play.

* I can't help but think of Ben Stein as the teacher in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off saying- Erat.....Erat.....Erat.....Erat. Where is Erat and where is the offense?

* Good defensive game for Kevin Klein. I thought he was in the right position all night to thwart several good Boston scoring chances.

* Watch out refs!!!! Two bad positionings of a linesman and referee cost the Preds possession of the puck on 2 Boston goals. You hate to complain but they played a big part in the Preds defense not being able to clear pucks that let to 2 goals.

* I hope the offense gets better soon. Right now it reminds me of some of those early Preds teams that really struggled to score.

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