Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giant #1 Defeated(Bruins), Giant #2 Tonight(Red Wings)

The Preds got their biggest win of the year Thursday night over the Boston Bruins. In an almost must-win situation, Shea Weber's game winner in overtime gave the Preds a much needed 4-3 victory.

The Preds currently sit in 9th place in the western conference. Good news-8th place Calgary is only 1 point ahead of the Preds and have played 2 more games already. Preds sit 2 points behind Calgary & Dallas, 3 behind L.A.

Will the Preds make the playoffs? It looks as if they will sneak in, but it is definitely 50/50 at this point. The Preds ace in the hole? The last 3 games are Atlanta, Columbus and St. Louis- definitely games the Preds should win and gain 6 points if needed.

Other quick notes:
* Mike Fisher is due for a string of goals. He is too good and too active to only have 1 goal since joining the Preds. His luck should turn soon.
* Erat and Legwand have to continue to score and be aggressive on offense if the Preds are going to make the playoffs.
* Pekka Rinne gives the Preds a chance against any team. He is the MVP and one of the top 5 goalies in the NHL. Stats wise he is # 2.
* I have concerns over Kevin Klein's defensive breakdowns as of late. He has been out of position in several goals for the opposition. He has to play better in these pivotal games.

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