Friday, February 6, 2009

Preds Hotter Than February Love

Sorry I didn't blog after the Coyotes game, been a little under the weather. Here are my thoughts concerning the last 2 games

Preds 2, Coyotes 1
Give Preds credit for gutting this one out on a night they were not at their best. But an ugly win is better than a pretty loss any day of the week. The main thing, 2 points in an outright win. The highlights:
* Super Duper Top Line gets another goal. Keep it together coach Trotz.
* Pecca Rinne was solid again and has a firm grip on the #1 goalie spot.
* Radek Bonk has been solid most of the year, but this was his strongest all-around game for the season. A nice goal and solid defense all night.

Preds 4, Ducks 2
Glad to see this one in person. A big win in front of a good Thursday night crowd. Good to see the support and the crowd really into the game. The good run since the all-star break has the excitement really building. Big developments in this one that bode well for the 2nd half of the season.
* Steve Sullivan seemed to take a step forward in confidence, skill and sticking his nose into trouble. A great behind the back pass, a nice backhand almost goal off the post, and a couple of body checks in the corners. All good signs.
* Pecca Rinne is approaching elite status among NHL goalies. He is now #6 in goals against average and #8 in save percentage. And growing in confidence with each start......
* Kudos to Kevin Klein for standing up and fighting in the absence of Belak and Tootoo. You know his teammates really respected him taking on Ryan Carter of the Ducks.
* Preds really stood up to a good, physical team. A solid game all the way around.
* A big part of the stagger/deficit in the standings has been made up quickly with winning 4 out of 5 out of the break. That leaves a little room if they have a bad couple of games. But right now they are not showing signs of slowing down.
* Back to Rinne- will he ever sit another game out? Keeps playing like he has, coach Trotz may prop him up in net and take his chances.

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