Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where is the Discipline? Where is the Pride? Detroit 6, Preds 2

As I watched the game tonight I couldn't help being overcome by anger on two accounts. See if you agree.

1. You are facing the #1 power play scoring unit in all of the NHL. Why do you take penalties to give them a chance to score when the odds are they will? And then you continue to take penalties after they show they are clicking tonight by scoring a power play goal? And then a second. And then a 3rd. And then a 4th. Continually taking penalties that result in Red Wing goals is beyond explanation and borderline stupidity.

2. Where is the pride? Letting the Red Wings skate freely all night and pile on the goals? Nobody playing the body. Nobody sending a message that if they are going to fly around in the Preds end at least they should have their head on a swivel watching to be hit. Is it too much respect. Maybe it is fear they make the Red Wings mad and they score even more goals. Whatever the reason it better change before the next time they play 2/28 or it will be another 5+ goal game.

Other thoughts on the game:

* Steve Sullivan responded to criticism in the local paper with a great game scoring 2 goals and staying active all night. That was the only bright sign of the night, that he could come alive and revive the offense.

* I have taken criticism for advocating a trade of Dan Ellis. I am afraid his value has plummeted too much now to get any value. My critics said we need him as our only #2 goalie option. I think we could get a journeyman goalie to provide what he is giving now. The optimum time to have traded him has now passed. Did the playoff window pass as well?

* A power play goal tonight helps but the Preds are still near the bottom of the NHL on the power play. Something must be rectified with that unit to take advantage of the opportunities. A struggling offense must score its fair share of power play goals. Preds didn't score on a 1:30 5-on-3 opportunity tonight. OUCH!

Enough of this game, still too mad about it. I am ready to move on. Two games with the St. Louis Blues up next and the Preds really need 4 points. Has the Russian league folded yet? Sure miss Radulov...........

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