Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tough 5-3 Loss to Red Wings

Tough loss in the respect that the Preds battled back from a bad start to almost steal a point by going to overtime on a night where they were outplayed for the most part. It was disappointing to see the amount of respect the Preds showed by not attacking/challenging the Red Wing skaters. I don't understand how the Preds could come out flat and sitting back on their heels with the playoffs on the line and playing your arch-rival. Let's hope this doesn't have carry over to the St. Louis game Thursday, but based on the importance of getting points for the playoffs it should not. I expect the Preds to play a strong game and get 2 points against the Blues.

Other thoughts on the loss.......
* Did Pecca Rinne's sweater/jersey have a Preds logo or bullseye on the front? 50 total shots with 27 coming in the first period. Ouch!!! I think there was 1 Red Wing goal he would like back but to turn back 46 shots against a good Red Wing team is not a bad night's work.
* Kudos to Radek Bonk with a goal and being on the ice for all 3 Preds goals, keeping his strong play of late going.
* Just a thought but is it time to try Radek Bonk between Legwand/Erat? Bonk is playing well and Legwand had a great stint on the wing before the all star break. May be time to see if there is any magic there.
* Joel Ward adds his 7th and 8th goals of the season. It is nice to see him rewarded for all the work he does in the corners and playing on a check line against the opposition top line a lot of nights.
* Coach Trotz could have a tough decision coming up soon about Steve Sullivan if the assists/goals don't start flowing more. If he doesn't produce soon, Trotz will have to look at moving Erat or someone to the top line for max production of Arnott/Dumont.

Schedule Notes:
3 of next 6 games are against the Blues. If they take care of business against the last place team in the west, they will have 6 much needed points.
Preds catch Red Wings 2 more times(out of 9 games) in February

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